“Give Up” a baby for Adoption? Hear this song…

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I suppose many of us might judge too quickly when we hear about a woman (and a man, often involved in the decision) who would “give up” or “give away” their baby. I’ve never been there, but I was ALMOST forced into that decision— but spared by God’s grace, and able to (thankfully) keep my precious baby, and go on to have 3 more babies over time. Four fine sons…:)) I also gained 3 step-children, and later adopted two more! (Yes, that’s nine!!)

But for a woman who cannot raise her own baby, and give them the support, protection, healthy family environment, and other things that children need, adoption is certainly the LOVING OPTION that gives LIFE to a child, and a good conscience to a woman (and the birth father, if he is involved in this very difficult, and sacrificial, decision).

What a GIFT to give to your BABY– the gift of LIFE, and the gift of HOPE, and the gift of a FAMILY when a birth mother (and father) lovingly select a “forever family” for their baby. What a heart-wrenching decision, what a sacrifice– for the BEST for that baby. I can’t even imagine…

I know several women (personally) who’ve made that decision. I also know of one in history (the mother of Moses) who had to give up her son for adoption to keep him from being murdered by a wicked king at the time (Pharoah). Ironically, her son ended up in the hands of Pharoah’s own DAUGHTER!!! God certainly works in creative ways! The story does not end there… Read for yourself about Moses’ amazing beginnings in Exodus chapters 1 and 2 (Holy Bible). I even recommend the animated Dreamworks movie, “The Prince of Egypt“. (The music is outstanding, too!!!)

Speaking of music, I’d love for you to have a FREE song download, inspired by a friend of mine who was “relinquished” by her teenage birth mom, adopted into a Christian family, and who went on to start a world-renowned ministry called http://www.actoflife.org/ (based in Houston). She is helping now to save lives of countless babies as their birth mothers receive help and counseling to either be able to keep and raise their babies, or lovingly place them into adoptive homes– instead of abortion. “Adoption is a choice that EVERYONE can LIVE with.”

Get the new song “Act of Life” at www.indieheaven.com/artists/becky_wright  . Click on “Redeem“, and (if necessary), put in the redeem code: “life” . I’d LOVE to know what you think of the song. (This is just a simple demo; full production to come soon, as funds are provided!)

For LIFE, for all, Becky Wright


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