Powerfully Imperfect

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I was mortified, but the small congregation was gracious as the sound man turned knobs, trying to remedy the problem. Whenever I sang into the microphone, the music (being played by my CD) disappeared. If I stopped singing, the accompaniment music magically reappeared — then faded instantly again when I sang. Ugghh!! I finally opted to hold the mic farther away, singing mostly a cappella, so they’d at least hear the words and hopefully be encouraged by the message that Sunday morning. There’s no denying, though, that I was embarrassed and frustrated by the technical problems in their dysfunctional sound system. Just another humbling (and learning) experience I’ve had during my years in ministry.


Thanks to my incredibly talented colleague, Debra Lynn, for use of her original print, “The Power and Beauty of Being Broken”.

In between my songs, I shared some of what God has brought me and our family through. I told of tragedy and triumph, shattered dreams and new beginnings from our merciful God, Who takes our messes and gives us a message to share with others who are facing similar heartaches and disappointments. No facades here — my life is far from perfect — and I spoke frankly as one who’s been broken, and healed — over and over again. God’s redeeming grace shines through my often-messy testimony, just as His illuminating light gushes through the cracks of a broken vase. Our brokenness and weakness are the cracks and caverns through which God’s grace and redemptive mercy shine the brightest!

Our brokenness & weakness are the cracks & caverns thru which God's grace shines brightest! Click To Tweet

After the service was over, a man quietly approached my table, waiting to speak to me. He tearfully shared how he’d been suffering deep depression for the previous eighteen months, and that he felt God was “delivering him” from it, beginning that day. I could not help but cry as he told me how the songs and my own story deeply touched him. A woman in the congregation hugged me tightly, talking in my ear as she held me: “Every word you sang and spoke was SO powerful! Exactly what I needed to hear!”

Once again, my patient and wise Heavenly Father was reminding me that it’s not about me, nor a perfect, polished, or professional presentation — but about the power of His Spirit and His grace working through our brokenness. Indeed, God uses the weak things of this world to demonstrate His inexhaustible strength. Even the foolishness of God (if there is such a thing) is better than the highest “wisdom” of humankind. (1st Corinthians 1:25)

As my pastor preached and taught on the tenth chapter of Deuteronomy one morning in 1994, I could almost see Moses as he chided his Hebrew brethren. My “Okie paraphrase” would be: “Okay, ya’ll, since God has done such AMAZING STUFF for all of us, and we’ve witnessed it with our own eyes, it seems the least we can do is serve Him, love Him, and give Him the glory and honor He’s rightly earned! ‘Cuz we’ve got nothing to brag about– except HIM!” (See Deut. 10:21)

That message became the theme of my song, “You Are My Praise“, birthed in my spirit that morning. Hear it: https://www.reverbnation.com/beckywright/song/22755725-you-are-my-praise

The Apostle Paul learned this lesson, considering all his worldly education and stature to be “dung” compared to “the riches of Christ and Him crucified”. I’m still learning, as I continue to be reminded: God shows His power when we admit our own powerlessness and allow His grace and strength to flow through our imperfections. (See 1st Corinthians 2: 1-5)

Since imperfection is all I have to offer Him, I’m sure relieved to know that.

QUESTION: Do you have a less-than-perfect moment where God’s grace shined through your brokenness or frail humanity? Share it in the comments below, if you dare!

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2 thoughts on “Powerfully Imperfect

  1. Holly

    I am currently reading some Brennan Manning books. Learning how much God furiously longs for us as imperfect as we are…I have a deep struggle with understanding how anyone could love me. I love when people talk openly about the ugly parts of themselves. I also write without filter. Exposing it…is the only way I know to let it get light. You have been and still are a great beacon of hope to me. I praise God for you and your husband.

    1. Becky Wright Post author

      Aww, Holly, thank you! You (like me) are a shining trophy of God’s amazing grace, a living testament of God’s affection and love for a precious daughter. Witnessing your spiritual growth (and seeing your writing & also singing talent) as a bold witness for Jesus has inspired ME, my little sister!! Humbled and honored that God let’s Hank & me play a small part!


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