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They dropped the price of the empty house again, now below $30,000. What could we possibly expect for that little money? But we asked our realtor to show it to us, anyway. Since my husband retired, we needed additional income, and there is a shortage of rental property in our town. Also, since my dad was an architect, and my mom in real estate for many years (and we’d conquered adding onto our own home a couple years earlier to accommodate our newly adopted children), we felt ready for a new challenge.


Master bathroom “before”: Starting over at ground level.

The floors weren’t level, and the house had obviously been built onto at least twice, giving it the almost 1,900 square feet we were scrutinizing that day. Good news: there was a full master bathroom. Bad news: the floor was rotted with a pretty big hole in it from apparent water leaks, and the bathroom size triggered my claustrophobia fears. Thankfully, we could expand the bathroom by taking two feet out of the ten-foot walk-in closet, solving the space issue. So, we made our offer – and it was accepted — after many delays and red tape, since it was a foreclosure. However, the potential was what spurred us on.

We saw what the house could be, if someone loved it and was willing to invest (money, resources, and great effort) into it.

So the work began. With my obligations at home, children, ministry work, and teaching piano lessons, most of the actual work was left to my husband and the contractors we hired. I am the official “quality control supervisor and designer”, noticing patches where the paint needs another touch-up, choosing trim and faucets, and so on. Even though my husband usually asks me to look over what’s been done, he gets very frustrated when I “critique” his paint job, noticing things that escaped him. (I told him, “Don’t ask if you don’t want me to tell you the truth.”) It seems a tug-of-war at times, as budget and design struggle to meet in the middle. However, with five rental properties now, there’s one thing my husband and I have always agreed upon as we make those decisions:

We may be landlords, but we will not be ‘slum lords’.

The Golden Rule (which comes from Luke 6:31 in the Bible) comes to mind.

In buying an older house (the original part built in 1950), we expected a two month remodel project, and thought we knew approximately what it would cost to do the work. However, we quickly discovered that both bathrooms had rotted floors, and we had to go literally “down to the dirt” and start over – with all the plumbing and sewer lines needing replaced. It cost more than anticipated, and took much longer than we’d hoped. The kitchen floor dropped over an inch as it transitioned to the dining room. It all had to be fixed before we could install the tile. And, of course, the dishwasher and refrigerator had to be replaced. The new roof came first thing, and electrical updating wasn’t far behind. Was it worth all this work?

I’ve often pondered this sobering thought: How many layers of “crud” (mold, rotting wood, frayed wires, ugly peeling paint) do I have on my own soul? I have a lot of “baggage”, you know, from things that happened to me in my past, and from plenty of my own mistakes and sins. And truth be told, I don’t like it when someone points out my flaws.

Yet, God, Who is RICH IN MERCY, loved me enough to redeem me from the horrendous state I was in, clean me from the inside out (an ongoing process), and make me “beautiful” and useful again. He MADE me worthy, and declared me VALUABLE. Wow!  (See Ephesians 2: 4-10 and Romans 5:8)

After all the remodeling work, we love the final result!

After all the remodeling work, we love the final result! Master bathroom “After” the remodeling.

The finished job made us (and the new tenants) very happy! We even added a window in the bathroom, since sunlight and fresh air are always a nice addition. The new tenant said, “I feel like I’m starting a new chapter in my life, and it makes me so happy!”

That’s how forgiveness — and a new start in life– feels. Whether you’re the one being forgiven, or extending it to others (often it goes both ways!), it’s a wonderful feeling! Remodeling is ugly in the process, but the end result is worth the effort.

I am SO grateful that our Creator God didn’t throw me away. He restores the broken and makes it beautiful!  What about my children, my colleagues, and my friends?  Shouldn’t I extend them the same grace and love that I’ve been shown?

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Prayer: Lord, let me love and show mercy to others, as You have done for me. Shine Your hope and extend your patience through me to others. Help me to see past the “remodeling” that needs done (and leave that to YOU) and love them during the process, just as You have loved me during the “remodeling job” — which is still ongoing! Amen.

3 thoughts on “Remodeling Job

  1. Lewis

    I empathize with you Becky. God knows my weaknesses, inconsistencies. Though I feel so dirty, I know His mercy well. In praying, tears often flow because He touches me in a very tender and real way. Yet not long afterward (maybe a day or two) I feel as though God is far from me. I am lost and find myself going through the motions. Maybe… I just don’t know.

  2. Anita Thompson

    I loved reading your blog this morning.
    I feel “under construction” as I come out of retirement and return to the workforce.
    Knowing God is with me, and knowing HE has a purpose for me at work beyond earning an income is good for my mind. Trusting He will provide the skills needed for this new career is another issue. “Really, Lord? Can I do this?”
    Ripping out the old and decayed walls is painful, sawing and screwing the new ones in hurts too, but the finished project is a wonder to behold. Thank you to God for not quitting on me before I am finished.

    1. Becky Wright Post author

      Anita, I am SO encouraged by your comment!! You can DO THIS, girl!! The Lord is with you, and He is IN you. You can do ALL THINGS through Christ Who strengthens you and gives you the ability! God is bringing you into a new season, as He has with my husband and I. He never planned to retire this early, but it was beyond his control — but COMPLETELY UNDER GOD’S control!! We are more blessed and at PEACE than we ever hoped!! Bless you, Anita!!


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