Uninhabited Mansion (Dream I had… again!)

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I had that same, familiar dream two nights ago, and I think it’s finally hitting me… what this dream is trying to show me. (Sometimes I’m a slow learner;) My husband, children and I woke up to another day, preparing breakfast in our small kitchen. Our house was nice, and our basic needs were met, but we were beginning to feel cramped.

All of the sudden, on this particular morning, an arched opening appeared in our wall, that we’d never noticed before. Right there, through that doorway, we saw a beautiful house, kitchen on past it (looked like a “dream kitchen”, in my book), and doors to other rooms. As I looked closer at our own home, I realized that we’d been living (with four children) in what you’d call the “mother-in-law quarters” of, apparently, a beautiful mansion! We’d all been sleeping in one bedroom, and the tiny living room was all smashed in with the little kitchen.

We actually hadn’t noticed how small our space was, because we’d grown accustomed to this tiny environment.


In my dream, we looked through an arched opening to a GORGEOUS mansion. We lived in a small corner, not realizing that it was ALL ours!

I then noticed our front door (which was only about ten feet from the kitchen). Our front door was only inches from the large arched open doorway to the rest of the house… a stunning mansion (with all the room we needed) — but we’d never noticed it. We’d been living in a small fraction of what we actually had available to us— the entire, beautiful house — but we never realized it!! Most of the mansion sat empty — because we hadn’t the vision or realization to “possess” what was already ours! 

Two days before I had this dream (and I’ve had similar dreams like this for the last three years), I read a poignant quote from Rev. Dr. Billy Graham. He said: “If there are any tears shed in Heaven, they will be over the fact that we prayed so little. Heaven is full of answers to prayer for which no one ever bothered to ask.”

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The evening before I had this compelling, convicting-yet-hopeful dream, I had just texted one of our adult sons. After a period of unemployment, he’d finally acquired another job, but only for minimum wage. I’d been directing him to places that were hiring, that would pay him considerably more. He didn’t seem to want a better job as much as I, his mother, wanted him to have it. It seemed too much of an effort, requiring courage and diligence and commitment. I was frustrated for him and with him. I know that he battles depression and anxiety, and this vicious cycle often steals good things from him. (He is the subject of many of my prayers!)

A few hours later, as I dreamed what I just described, I was convicted, and yet greatly encouraged. I began to see, I believe, what my Father in Heaven has been trying to tell me (and most of His children — perhaps you).  I saw myself in a similar light — with God, my loving Heavenly Father — as the way I feel for and about my son. There are SO many good things I desire for him (and each of our children), but most of what I want for him cannot transpire without some effort (and put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is true desire) on his part.

So, the next morning after I had this dream, I actually DID something about it. I want to “possess” every good thing that my Heavenly Father has planned for me. I finally began writing the very FIRST devotional for the devotional, 40 Days Before the Throne, that’s been on my heart for years. I literally bought the domain name about five years ago, have been talking about it, dreaming about it, writing down ideas for every devotional, looking up scriptures for it, etc. But I’d never sat down and actually began to WRITE it…. until two days ago — after the dream. I know that God called me to do it (as well as a couple of other books I’ve had on my heart- and yes, even purchased those domain names), but NOW, I’ve finally started!!

Before I proceed further, let me say this: Material things (like an actual house, vehicle, good job and the things money can buy) are only a small part of God’s “blessings” (and can easily be taken away by any number of events). Abraham in the Bible was a very rich man (materially speaking), as was Job. But again, these things can “take wings and fly away”, as the Proverbs describe “earthly riches”. I appreciate my nice home and reliable vehicle, as well as indoor plumbing, a washer / dryer and automatic dishwasher. I appreciate central heat and air conditioning, clean water, and having plenty of food. I feel RICH because of these things, especially after my mission trip to Africa in February 2016. But they are only part of what we’d categorize as “blessings from God”. There are even greater blessings that I’m (so far) forfeiting, failing to realize, for my own lack of action, and lack of fervent and faith-filled prayer about those things.

Matthew 7:7 says: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

My dream revealed a beautiful kitchen – that I didn’t even know was MINE!

What do I want for my children? I want them [1] to know God and be known by Him, how much He loves them, and to have a close and eternal relationship with their Creator; [2] to be happy in their lives and marriages, learning how to love and be loved with their spouses, children, and the people around them; [3] to have a job/ career / ministry where their unique skills and gifts by God can be used to bless others, and to help provide fulfillment and a sense of purpose in their daily lives; [4] to have enough money to live comfortably and not go hungry – and enough to give to others who aren’t so fortunate; and [5] (listed last, but not least) to have a good, loving relationship with their parents – me and their dad — who love them more than anyone on this earth — more than anyone, except Jesus Himself.

Aren’t those the same things that God, our Heavenly Father, wants for HIS children?? For His children to have a good life, and a close relationship with the God Who loves them, Who created them, and Who created this incredible world for them to enjoy? To worship the CREATOR, the gift-GIVER, not to worship the GIFTS themselves?  Just as I ache when I see my children struggling financially, emotionally, spiritually, in their marriages and with their jobs (or lack of them), our Father groans with compassion and empathy as He sees His children struggling and hurting. Imagine seeing your children all cramped into one room, when they had an entire HOUSE – a beautiful MANSION – available to live in?

It’s not about the “mansion”. It’s about possessing God’s best, God’s plan, for our lives. God’s calling. For me, and probably for you, this commitment will require courage, much prayer, diligence, self-discipline, self-control, and much less time wasted on social media (or television). True confessions here!  That’s a treasure that will last far beyond the grave. And, it includes no mortgage debt.

How about you? Are you ready to come out of your “cramped quarters” and begin living the life that GOD has dreamed for you? What has He called you to do? I ask myself as I ask you: What practical steps will you take today to begin realizing that dream? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Let’s encourage each other and hold each other accountable! Let’s possess the “mansion”, the dream, that God has laid before us!

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