His Car Caught Fire…but God Never Left

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“Uh, Mom, can you come get me? My car caught fire and I’m stranded.”

Those words are not what a momma wants to hear, but I was very thankful that I was hearing from my son at all, meaning he’d survived! I soon learned that the fire was under the hood, and Aaron had gotten out of his car when he saw smoke, so he wasn’t harmed. (Thank You, Lord!)

The tow truck hauled his car to the salvage yard, where Aaron was given $184 for the car. I directed my son to have them remove the tires, since we’d just put them on a few months ago, and he could likely use them on a future vehicle. Later we noticed that they’d actually removed the entire wheel (along with the tires), so we had extra wheels, too.

Aaron’s new bride, Michaela, is a senior at Northeastern State University, about to graduate with a degree in vocal performance. Aaron had just started a new job two months before, and they were struggling with making ends meet. Now their vehicle was ruined, and there was certainly no money for a car payment.

With the engine on fire and only liability insurance, my son’s car was good for nothing but scrap. They gave him $184.

I prayed again, this momma’s prayer that I often pray:

“Lord, please bless and provide for my children, but not just for the sake of meeting their physical needs. Please provide in such a way that they will know, undeniably, that it was YOU Who sent the blessing!  Demonstrate how much You love them in an irresistible way that draws them to You, Jesus! Let them acknowledge You in all their ways, that You would direct their every step. Amen!”

Note: there was NOTHING on social media or any other public communication about what happened to Aaron’s car. My friends DID NOT KNOW it had happened… yet.

The very next day, I received a message from a friend three hours away in Oklahoma City. Don wrote: “We have an old car that runs well, and would like to give it to your son.”

WOW!!! I couldn’t believe what I was reading! I immediately called Don about the car, and he was equally astounded when I told them that Aaron’s car had caught fire the day before! God’s timing is perfect! Often His provision comes in the most unexpected, miraculous, and creative ways!

God's timing is perfect! Often answers come unexpectedly, in miraculous, creative ways! #inspiringhopeblog Click To Tweet

Ironically, my other son had wrecked his car two weeks previously, so he’d been in the market for another car. He’d actually just purchased one a few days before his brother’s car caught fire. God knew, however, that two weeks later, my son Aaron and his wife would be in dire need of transportation, with no way to attain such. Then the Holy Spirit obviously spoke to Don and Donna’s hearts, and they responded.

Don informed me that teenage vandals had recently smashed in the windshield of the car (that he was giving my son). Since it was parked on the street, it was vulnerable to being vandalized again, so it should be picked up A.S.A.P. once the windshield was replaced. Don had acquired an estimate, and I told him we would happily pay for the new windshield. We all prayed for “car angels” to protect the Oldsmobile, since it would be eight days before we could pick it up.

It gets better.

That Wednesday evening at our church dinner, I was talking with my good friend, Karen, about what had transpired in 24 hours. We’d just had Aaron’s car hauled to the salvage yard the day before, and I’d just received the amazing message from Don about donating their car. My husband and I had made arrangements to pick up the car the next week, since I would be on my way to sing in a concert nearby. (Oklahoma City is three hours from my house.)

It was all so stressful, that I ate the whole piece of strawberry and whipped cream cake they served on that Wednesday dinner. (So much for my diet!)

Then, like another wave of God’s love and mercy washing over me, Karen said, “Joe and I have an extra vehicle we’d be happy to loan your son until he gets the new one.” My mouth fell open, and I almost cried!

I rode home with Karen after choir rehearsal, and drove her car over to my son’s house. He’d borrowed my van earlier in the day to get to work, and pick up his wife after school, so my husband and I had been left with just his old pickup. Karen’s kind and generous offer was a huge stress reliever to all of us, not just my son! And, it was completely unexpected!

There was a delay in getting the windshield installed, so my husband had already made other appointments on the day, March 9th, that he’d planned to ride with me to Oklahoma City and pick up the car. So I drove to First Baptist Church in Pauls Valley alone, and had an incredible day with my Singing ChurchWomen of Oklahoma choir sisters as we sang and worshiped our faithful God all day. The evening’s concert was especially powerful and full of the presence of God.

God’s presence was so strong that night during the concert. I had no idea WHO was there listening – to the music, and to the Holy Spirit — about the car!

It gets even better.

After the concert, guess what?? My friend Karen (from 3 1/2 hours away in Tahlequah) walked up to me!! We embraced in a hug and laughed at the irony! She and her husband Joe were nearby in Norman that weekend for a conference Joe was attending. Karen drove the half hour to Pauls Valley to attend the concert. Then she said something that, once again, astounded me by the love and providence and mercy of God — and how He leads us by the Holy Spirit’s voice and prompting:

“I just had a thought as you were singing tonight. How about Joe or I drive that car back for you, so you don’t have to make a [seven-hour] trip next week to get it?”

Once again, we were laughing and cheering and thanking GOD for His mercy, His provision, His leading, His voice, His thoughtfulness, His faithfulness, His precise timing, and His LOVE — again demonstrated through some of His kids!!!  Joe and Karen brought the car home to us two days later, saving it from being possibly vandalized again. Once again, Aaron and Michaela were floored by the kindness of people who were complete strangers to them. God orchestrated every detail to provide for them, demonstrating His love and power and intimate interest in their lives and well-being.

Last week I had two dreams in one night, both, I believe, from God. I wrote about the first dream, “My Missing Children Nightmare” HERE. In my second dream, I was with a team of people on a mission trip. We were on a sandy, heavily populated beach. I saw a man from our team sitting in a lawn chair, holding Gospel tracts in his hands. He didn’t approach or talk to the people on the beach (whom we’d come to witness to, sharing the news of Jesus), he just sat there — waiting on them to come and ask him for a tract.

He did nothing to demonstrate any compelling reason why anyone should approach him — or ask about this God whom he supposedly wanted to share. He made no attempt to even start a conversation with someone. His “mission trip” seemed like only a vacation.

When I awoke, the dream still playing in my head, a stark realization of its meaning hit me: As followers of Christ, we must demonstrate a compelling reason why anyone would want to know this God we preach.

Christians must demonstrate a compelling reason why others would want 2 know the God we preach. #inspiringhopeblog Click To Tweet

Car given to my son by friends… before they learned his car caught fire the day before!

John 13:35 Amplified Bible (AMP)  “By this everyone will know that you are My disciples, if you have love and unselfish concern for one another.”

We must meet others in their hour of need, and genuinely love them in practical, tangible ways that are undeniable… and, hopefully, irresistible. Our sacrificial acts of kindness and generosity give evidence of this truth: That God LOVES them and sent His Son, Jesus, to die for them — and for all the world. For one who is questioning the reality and loving nature of God, this is critical!

Prayer: “Lord, THANK YOU for Your faithfulness, mercy, and specific answers to prayers! Please, continue to woo and draw my children (and Your long-lost children) to You by Your love, demonstrated through us. Help me to be faithful and diligent to show Your love and hope in tangible ways to those who need to witness it most. AMEN!” 

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4 thoughts on “His Car Caught Fire…but God Never Left

    1. Becky Wright Post author

      Thank you, Donna and Don! I know it is NO ACCIDENT that even though this car was away from you for ten years, it came back into your possession only WEEKS before (God knew) my son would need it so desperately! Isn’t the Lord wonderful!?? Thank you again for being His channel of blessing!

  1. Glorya Wilson

    I am blessed by what our Father does in and through our children This reminds me of the scripture of ‘the Prayers of the righteous availETH much’. I love ETH IN KING JAMES the only translation we see it in! Means “a continuing action”. I believe this is an example of a mothers prayers over her children from birth as a continuing action of her love. His Word works in our life as a prescription if we use it. If we just put in a medicine cabinet and say “oh I have the pills the dr gave” but never use it just sits there. But Becky over the years I’ve seen you use the Word and allow it to penetrate in you and through you. Thanks for sharing. Love ya

    1. Becky Wright Post author

      Thank you, Glorya! You are so correct about UTILIZING the powerful Word of God, in our prayers, in our lives, in good times and bad. You live that truth every day, and have inspired ME and many others by your example, sister!


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