Making Lemonade: Why Does the Wind Blow, Anyway? Guest Blogger Janet Short Bradburn

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Welcome Guest Blogger, Janet Short Bradburn! I have enjoyed Janet’s writing for YEARS, and am excited to introduce her to Inspiring Hope readers. Love to hear your comments below :))

Making Lemonade

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. — Jeremiah 29:11

My family was getting ready for a long day at church and I was having one of those “bad hair days”—simply about everything. As I carried a bowl of soup out to the car for our Sabbath day’s lunch, the wind whipped trash down the street, tossed my skirt over my head and blew my bad hair into an explosive mess.

Windy days make for bad hair! Is there any GOOD purpose for wind? [Photo from Pinterest]

I stomped back into the house whining about the wind. “Why does the wind blow? I understand a gentle breeze to pollinate our crops. Rain, sun, lightning—but why did God make this blustery wind? It serves no good purpose I can see!”

Bam! The door blew shut behind me.

The children looked at me wide-eyed. My husband gently tried to calm my temper with some speculation about the benefits of wind.

We were into our fifth month of his unemployment and I was almost overcome with the stress. With bare cupboards, late utility bills and mortgage payment put off twice, we saw no end in sight. Worry and tension were getting the best of us. Thank God we didn’t often have days when both of us couldn’t cope. Today was my day. It didn’t really matter what anyone said—I was going to have a bad morning.

I gathered up an armload of study materials and charged back through the front door. I saw a piece of trash caught in the hedge next to the driveway. That’s what this wind is good for—blows my hair, torments my skirt and dumps trash in the yard. I put the books in the backseat and turned to snatch the paper from the greenery.

It was a twenty-dollar bill.

I stood transfixed. For just a moment I think my mouth gaped open! Here was enough money to feed my family for a week if I was frugal. I pictured beans, rice, cornmeal and oil in my pantry. Slowly it dawned on me.

The wind put that money in our hedge. God made the wind blow today.

God uses storms in our lives 2 focus our attention on Him, our utmost Source of everything we need. #inspiringhopeblog Click To Tweet

We’ve all heard the old adage, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” but this experience with the wind taught me what a blessing “lemons” can be, if we only open our eyes to see.

God is a Master at making lemonade from the lemons in our lives, if we will allow Him.

Prayer: Help me to remember how much You love me, how very much You care for me, and to look for that love in every situation, especially the trying ones. Thank you for Your great gifts!

Janet Short wrote a weekly newspaper column for six years, much of it from a primitive cabin in the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma.  It used anecdotes from life to illustrate simple life principles such as the benefits of diligence, why children disobey and the awesomeness of God. She has published several magazine articles and short stories illustrating God’s relationship with mankind. Since 2012, she has been blogging from her home in North Texas. This blog post is an excerpt from her new illustrated devotional book ready for publication. Visit her site at

Janet Short Bradburn, Writer & Blogger

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