She Was Singing My Song Before She Died (but she’d NEVER heard it!)

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I was singing and leading worship at a church near Joplin, MO in the fall of 2014. We had lost our oldest son only months before, so (as I usually do), I spoke a great deal about Heaven and eternal life. I shared about my sister, Elizabeth, who drowned in 2004, and about losing both of our fathers (mine and my husband’s) in recent years. We await that glad reunion!

I reminded the congregation, as I reminded myself, that as followers of Christ, we still grieve– but not without hope. Our grief is not the same as someone who has no relationship with the Savior, Christ Jesus. Since He overcame death, hell and the grave, we have the assurance of eternal life, and that we will be resurrected to live forever when Christ returns.

I never noticed the old man near the back row, until he approached me at my table afterwards.

As followers of Christ, we don’t grieve as those who have no hope. Our tears and pain will be gone when Jesus returns, or when we reach Heaven (through death), whichever happens first.

He spoke softly and with broken words, his eyes full of tears. My heart broke as he shared about the death of his wife two years before. What he said next shocked me, and literally almost made me collapse with awe!

“That song you sang, the ‘hallelujah, He is worthy’ one… I’ve heard that before! My wife kept singing that song over and over the last two weeks of her life, as she lay very sick in bed. I figured she was out of her head, since she talked and sang of seeing Heaven, and hearing angels singing. She was singing the song of the angels, the song you were singing tonight!”

We were BOTH crying now! This man, whom I’ll call Robert, poured out his heart and shared an account of some very precious moments with his wife — with me, a stranger. This dear, grieving man was so touched by the music, the words, the presence and comfort of the Holy Spirit, that he opened up like a flood gate to share those encouraging words with me. I felt so honored, so blessed, so humbled, that God would speak through Robert’s pain, and the pain in my own heart, to comfort one another!

To know that this song God gave me to write was sung by ANGELS before it was sung on earth — WOW!!!

I had just come home from Nashville, having begun recording the first four songs of the new album, “Before the Throne: Worship & Hymns“. I was still fund-raising and had to go back the following month to finish the album. When Robert asked if I had that “hallelujah song” recorded, I was very sad to tell him ‘no, not yet’. I gave him a free album from one my previous CDs, though, and promised to pray for him, and let him know when this song, “Before the Throne/Hallelujah” was recorded. (Click on the song title to hear it!) Two months later, I mailed him the new CD.

I'm convinced that we rarely get to see the fruit of our labor. So, Lord, help me just be faithful! #inspiringhopeblog Click To Tweet

I’m convinced that most times, we rarely get to see the fruit of our labor. It is rare to even glimpse, I believe, of the reality of our true impact (for better or for worse) upon another soul. What a GIFT I witnessed to actually get to hear those profound words from a grieving widower that night.

Thank You, Jesus, for letting me in on what You’re doing, and letting me be a small part of that! 

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